About Me

You are powerful and limitless.  You have everything within you, right in this present moment, to have the life you have always dreamed of. 

My name is Gaby. I am 30 years old. In 2014 I was diagnosed with life threatening Hashimotos Thyroiditis that unleashed during pregnancy. I was prescribed hormones and hospitalized for almost a month, and my heart rate was over 130. Every few hours a pharmacist would come in to give me a hyper thyroid medication. 


Seeing how distressed I was at having to take these pills and what it would do to the life growing inside of me, he said to me:

"I could get fired for telling you this, but I recommend you refuse this medication and heal naturally. Iodine and Selenium are two key nutrients in thyroid issues. My sister was diagnosed with the same thing and Himalayan salt soles and Brazil Nuts healed her condition.”

This was an important turning point in my life. I realized I didn't know how to take care of myself. I ended up losing the baby, and after this experience I decided I would never again let other people make decisions for me. I did months of research, looking for truth, looking for answers. I found many answers. In a world where no one is safeguarding us from dangerous chemicals in products and in our food supply, an overload of toxins and a stressful lifestyle had caused my body to create disease.

I learned that to restore health in my body I needed to prioritize self care, feed myself the healthiest foods I could find and look at what products I was using on my body’s largest organ, my skin. The ingredient list of the products I used on my body everyday was an eye opener. There was tons of unnatural  chemicals  in these products, even things marketed as natural and healthy. I threw away every single toiletry item and  cleaning supply in my  house and I started fresh. I learned about how depleted the soils are and how chemicals are being sprayed on all conventional foods. I adopted a well planned organic whole foods plant based diet. I began to connect with myself through meditation and breathwork. 

After 6 months I visited an endocrinologist who told me I no longer had the antibodies for an autoimmune disease. This was something I was told I would battle my whole life, and doctors had told me  I needed to get my thyroid  taken out, and be on hormones indefinitely.

This experience made me feel empowered, and it made me realize how important it is to take responsibility for own health. I now question everything. And with good reason. No one is out there protecting us, so we have to be aware of what we are putting into our bodies.  

I have had two glowing pregnancies with perfect blood tests and two beautiful water births where everything went exactly as I visualized it. The moment I looked at my first born in my arms, feeding her liquid gold from my body, I felt powerful and I knew I would never again look to others for  answers, I would look within. I have learned so much in this life and I am so thankful for every experience.

In hopes of changing your perspective and empowering you, I have started this blog to share information and experiences.